• SamuelRJankis@lemmy.world
    8 days ago

    109 second video from 2012. This is going to be a rather long summary for a short video,

    • Video starts off by saying the one thing political pundits agree on is slashing the MP’s pensions
    • Pierre qualified for a full pension at 31 because he got elected straight out of school
    • How he’s done nothing but is a expert in everything
    • We’d avoid people like this in real life but the House of Commons is crawling with them

    • He wants better MP’s
    • Taking off to Ottawa for 6 to 7 years is bad for the career and family
    • Are we going to attract better MP by making the job less desirable
    • End with “say when it comes to MPs instead of all of us piling on and lowering the bar let’s aim high for a change”