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  • The CRV has dogshit security.

    The doors can be unlocked using a relay attack done with off the shelf radio gear. Once the doors are open a new keyfob can be paired to the car using more off the shelf tools and another relay that makes the car think the owners fobs are in the vehicle. The whole process takes 5 minutes and can be done by an unskilled person. I have video of the whole process happening in my driveway.

    And I am not saying that proprietary tools are the answer. Requiring literally ANY user interaction with the keyfob to unlock the door OR when pairing new fobs to the car would prevent the majority of thefts. Requiring the manufacture to digitally sign fobs when pairing to a car would prevent this. Given that ALL of these vehicles come with wireless communication, whether it is enabled for you or not, having a remote disable would prevent stolen vehicles from being moved around.

    Whether by ignorance or cost cutting Honda is 100% responsible for the complete lack of security features on their vehicles.