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  • Facebook is complying with the law as written. Perhaps the bigger issue here is how badly the law is written and not Facebook’s method of compliance.

    Facebook is blowing a fit because they don’t want to pay for what they use to make money. Their entire business model involves traffic to and from their site and produce nothing of value on their own.

    Yes they are complying with the law as written, but it is nothing but a dick move attempting to circumvent paying money to those who are owed it.

    Forcing any entity to provide a service and then taxing them for providing said service is fundamentally unjust.

    No one is forcing Facebook to operate in Canada, and anyone who operates in Canada has to pay taxes. As you already pointed out they are not offering the service in Canada, as I pointed out it is because they don’t want to pay for other peoples work to make money off of it.

    What is “unjust” is what Meta does on a daily basis to their users who ignorantly stay on the platform because they believe it is the only option. Which Meta attempts to maintain as a narrative along with all the other big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and the rest.

    Stop defending Meta. It’s a shit company with the sole purpose of taking your information and selling it to others while adding absolutely no value to the world.

  • Not sure you need the experience to judge based on the article, but I hear you. I cannot imagine the time and effort to keep those birds in the air, and it is indeed the end of an era. The snowbirds were a staple of every air show I ever went to.

    To your point about what comes next, I don’t see any reason to purchase manned air craft in the current climate. Air superiority is obviously important, but the landscape is drastically changing with drones being more and more invested in. I think we should pivot our Air force to unmanned and work on something that could actually guard our arctic regions, considering Drones aren’t a fan of the cold, over getting some shiny new jets.

  • Lets supposed instead of real estate one fancies themself a world-renowned collector of antique radiator caps, as many of us dreamed of being when we were kids.

    Two years ago you were able to acquire a radiator cap signed by Edward Jones Miscellania, a respected local automobile mechanic, for $300,000. Two years later, an appraisal places the true value at a disappointing $75,000.

    Then a fellow collector offers you $150,000. Okay, now you have a choice. You can say “Don’t be ridiculous! I already have $300,000 invested in this radiator cap.”; Or you can correctly reason: What I have personally invested does not matter. The only thing I should consider is whether the $150,000 is a good price for my radiator cap.

    If you opt for the second choice and pocket the $150,000, you’ve learned a key secret to life:

    What you personally have invested never matters

  • Sorry to say everyone, shit is about to get violent again. It already happened in Halifax when a couple was assaulted by a group of Men. Threats are on the rise, vandalism on the rise, and violence on the rise. Not to mention the attacks on the political levels helping to drive this forward.

    Pulling out and cancelling the events because the bigots are getting spicy is how they succeed in rolling back every inch gained in the last 50 years. Go to pride, be proud, and be “on your way to a baseball game”.

    This cannot be tolerated, accepted, or met with pacifism.

  • Nothing cracks me up more than people thinking that they even need to update these acts to do the things everyone is worried about. Not withstanding clause anyone? Can literally strip you of every “right” you think you have and all property you think you own.

    Is surveillance the problem? You are surveilled daily and legally because you said “I accept” to more terms and conditions than a Lawyer would be willing to read. This doesn’t include the free information you are putting on the internet daily, which is more valuable than a well placed operative long term. Then we can talk about Government agencies, which are all of them, intercepting whatever they can get. Which is again legal because you agreed to that in order to have your phone connected to the towers, and your computers connected to the internet.

    "Among the controversial provisions are section 20 (1) “Every person commits an offence who, at the direction of, for the benefit of or in association with, a foreign entity or a terrorist group, induces or attempts to induce, by intimidation, threat or violence, any person to do anything or to cause anything to be done (a) that is for the purpose of increasing the capacity of a foreign entity or a terrorist group to harm Canadian interests; or (b) that is reasonably likely to harm Canadian interests.”

    What is controversial about not assisting foreign entities through acts of violence and intimidation and making that a law?

    If your “legitimate dissent” involves acting with, and for, foreign entities of any kind you can kindly get fucked and go set up shop in their country. You are either a useful idiot or a bad actor and Canada needs no more of either thanks.

  • When one refuses to speak, the other is forced to make assumptions. Frankly, I don’t care if you say I am wrong. I can read, I have heard these words from others, and know who I am dealing with.

    I would bet 3:1 that you have nothing serious in your past that you could prove to me. I would bet 100:1 that I could not prove my bullshit life to you and I lived it. Get the point?

    I don’t think you will, so the point is, you attacked a person for being a bad example because they are struggling and not at rock bottom because people exist at the bottom.

    If you had ever been there you would know better, so I stand by my assessment. Don’t bother responding, I won’t waste further time with you.

    Stay well.

  • It is a good example because it shows everyone that who is next on the block.

    Ya’ll didn’t give a fuck until now and I am the poor kid trying to hold their empathy while everyone cries about their last 5 years that has been my last 35. If I can have empathy for this Woman who very likely would have crossed the street for me back in the day you can to. I had nothing and was homeless as a result numerous times in my childhood, teen years, and early adult life. One shouldn’t have to hit the bottom to be heard.

    Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good and stop competing in the Trauma Olympics.

    You aren’t helping anyone by doing either.

  • I really hate these CBC articles where they talk about a huge, legitimate issue, but undercut it by choosing a crazy/unrelated example

    So a Woman is forced to sell her home in a divorce, and to ensure her children don’t get upended in a very difficult part of their lives, sacrifices every cent she makes to stay in the same area for them and you think that is an “unrelated example”?

    Even 30 years ago, I had friends who had to change schools/share a room when their parents divorced. Putting someone who refuses to make tough decisions and try live within her means in the same category as adults who have to live with multiple roommates, face homelessness, etc. is insulting.

    What is insulting is your complete lack of empathy for your “friends” who were forced into that growing up, and your attack on this Woman for not putting her children through that.

    Also, I’m pretty sure most would say child support is income, even if it’s not taxable income. She’s spending 100% of her employment income/paycheques on rent.

    Yes, and 100% of that support is supposed to go to the children it is paid to. Not for her to use on other things.

    In case it isn’t clear, your comment is absolutely disgusting and tone deaf. You should reflect on why you feel the need to attack people who are struggling when it is clear to me from your lack of empathy you have no idea what a real struggle looks like.

  • We don’t.

    “Canadians” in this context is Canadians who support privatization. Are you a part of that group and trying to alert me to a misunderstanding regarding your ideology? Or did you miss the context?

    Unfortunately, when Canadians go to the polls, the thing a lot of the less thoughtful are thinking is “I want [last administration that didn’t magically fix all the problems] out of power. I don’t care what their opponents actually intend to do with the province/country as long as they’re gone.” I have no solution for this.

    Some Canadians aren’t willfully ignorant useful idiots, and the solution is making more Canadians educated enough to grasp the fact that buzz words and anger don’t get politicians who do good elected in to office. The solution is educating Canadians on the fact that no other party other than Liberal or Conservative has ever held Federal Power. The closest to that being changed was the NDP Opposition win under Layton, and now we could not be further away from breaking the trend.

    It is the responsibility of those with the right information to provide it to everyone else. Get on it if you actually care. Start with understanding that “Canadians” vary greatly from province to province and coast to coast.

    There can be no “we” while our politicians play American style politics. That is the point.