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  • Yeah, housing can’t be an investment AND affordable. Investments have to grow faster than inflation. Affordable things can’t do that.

    That being said it’s hard to blame “homeowners” because the goal is to make more people into homeowners, it’s kind of backwards to antagonize the goal itself.

    Certainly though the current perception needs to change, you don’t buy a house as an investment, you buy it so that you get to keep your “rent” as equity, and you get to lock down your “rent” over 25+ years so that it effectively gets cheaper in relation to your income.

  • I doubt it. The provincial governments already run massive “health insurance” programs in Canada, this would not have been an impossible task to add a small dental program that only covers a fraction of the population to that.

    Private “health insurance” cannot be cheaper than public. You have expenses which are the cost of people going to the dentist. And you have revenues, which are paid for through taxes. The only math that changes is that private insurance also adds profit for shareholders on top.

    This is purely about privatizing Canadian healthcare.

  • That’s a false equivalence if I’ve ever heard one.

    • The trucker convoy was based on sovereign citizen nonsense and conspiracy theories. This protest is against genocide.
    • The convoy shut down whole blocks of downtown, creating a dangerous zone of lawlessness and people shitting in the snow. This protest doesn’t prevent university business, and is law abiding and sanitary.
    • The convoy stored thousands of pounds of propane and diesel fuel within mere meters from Parliament combined with idiots shooting fireworks, and this protest has zero chance of literally blowing up parliament.
    • The convoy was so dangerous that the police didn’t even dare enter to enforce laws, the OPS police chief repeatedly said there is nothing they could do without endangering officers, student protests like this are routinely and often brutally stopped by police action without any threat of harm or injury to the police.

    So no, I don’t think they’re equivalent in any way. I hope these protestors continue until they’re successful without having their right to peaceful assembly curtailed unjustly.