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  • We’ve spent a century+ pretending carbon pollution has no cost, and the entire history of capitalism – if not our species – pretending all other pollutions had no cost right up until that cost was undeniable.

    So, not surprising that we’re treating CO2 the exact same way. Only this time around, the polluters realized they could get ahead of the issue and convince enough of the general population that carbon pollution is harmless to prevent it from becoming publicly undeniable.

  • It’s really hard to tell without more signage from that particular “protest”, but October seemed to be a month where the “Save the Children Convoy” was harassing the city of Ottawa. They’re a group of loonies who believe that queer folks are pedophiles, actual pedophiles are sacrosanct community leaders, and that flouride and 5g are mind control, and that everything fascists want to ban is child abuse.

    So… Could be related to that.

  • I do like the list of completely avoidable incidents that gets labelled as unavoidable here. Some y’all are telling on yourselves.

    The guy didn’t decide to “murder children”. That’s a gross bit of fairy tale weaving. Whatever the reason he didn’t come to a stop at the stop sign - a thing many people do on the regular, and a thing that truckers in particular do all of the time, as they’re often on a time crunch - or didn’t notice the bus coming, none of them amount to murder.

    Incompetence isn’t intent, and the outcome doesn’t define the crime.

    It’s telling that all of this anger and vitriol has lingered around the death of some hockey babie when the similarly tragic Bathurst Boys in Red collison resulted in no charges and relatively little public outcry. The lives of baskerball playing kids are worth a fraction of those of hockey playing ones in this country, it seems.

    1. If they have a valid license, and they’re not self-employed, then it’s not exclusively their fault if they’re not qualified. They should not bear the brunt of the liability. The whole damn system failed. I mean, the trucking company that hired the guy was only fined a few thousamd bucks, and the government didn’t mandate any training, and nothing happened to them.

    2. That is not the real question. But you do bring up a good one: Why is this country’s population tending toward being more and more vindictive, rectionary assholes?

    3. “Criminal” is a loaded word. A great many people commit acts that violate the criminal code on the regular, and nothing happens to them. Suggesting that anyone that gets singled out for having done so doesn’t deserve to be in the country is an alarming position to take, and is not coming from a position of justice, but of malice.