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  • Maybe I’m being naive, but in the absence of solid evidence, my working assumption is that they have some satellite pattern of people who have parts of the spectrum of traits they want, but not all of them. If so, then that means that although they would suppress it for the job, some of them surely have a conscience.

    But I admit this is all hypothetical, just based on things I’ve read and some specific testimony I heard in a podcast that shed more light on things recently.

    Anyway, I did a slight edit above: probably --> “possibly.”

  • Child care and education for the first two decades of life are a big investment with uncertain returns (esp. if employing businesses are allowed to exploit parents, contributing to trouble at home that also hurts kids).

    We have increasingly detached leaders who just want certain numbers to look better in an unhinged and inhumane economic system. That makes it mighty tempting to bring in adults whose upbringing and education were paid for elsewhere.

    But beware fascist agitators (or their dupes) who don’t really care about people and just want to stir up division by making this about “invasions” and other racist and divisive BS. In fact in most, if not all cases, our foreign policy is probably connected at least indirectly to the reasons people feel the need to come here.

  • Yes, because the requirement for extensive infrastructure running across large stretches of land makes market entry nearly impossible for new competitors (while also being disruptive for customers if it does become possible). Hence all the issues we have with lack of competition and its effects.

    If by the nature of the product or service there is no ease of switching providers and if the thing is a necessity to get by in the modern world, it shouldn’t be (solely) private.