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  • Fucking preach.

    Jack Layton’s death set the NDP back decades. I don’t despise Singh, but he’s got the personality of a potato. PP is bat shit crazy, and a fucking snake. Trudeau is inept.

    I’m pretty left leaning: I align with a lot of NDP principles, but dislike their approach and delivery, so I default to liberal.

    It’d be nice to have some decent candidates, not this microcosm of the race to the bottom the US is having.

  • They are being very lenient here, but these fines are probably the first of many. They may well lose their permit to operate, as it is within the Director’s right to do so.

    The 406 instances of not monitoring effluent sounds like they shut down their water monitoring program periodically (winter?). Not controlling mine effluent is a big no-no. A major mine company got fined 60 million for selenium issues. Also, you risk getting DFO involved, since their purview covers all fish-bearing water, and bad things happen pretty quickly once the feds are involved.

    It will be interesting to see what happens. Cool article.