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  • “… but it’s also just understanding how money works so we can advocate for policies that make sense,” she said.

    Great. Except there’s disagreement over how money works even among academics. And what understanding you subscribe to has real political implications. For example different understanding of money is used to drive pro austerity vs anti austerity policies.

    In addition, the way money works in practical, personal terms, is not how it works in government terms and this understanding is often used to promote austerity policies that are harmful for most individuals.

  • I’m counting on us being close to mostly sane states. When shit begins hitting the fan I think they’ll gain significant control over the US simply because they’ll be much less fucked economically than the South. So I imagine that even if there is some sovereignty dispute or a “takeover” it would be closer to moving to NY or California than moving to Florida or Texas. Of course these are super wild guesses. If the US goes full dictatorship it will be a Southern dictator who could usurp national power for decades… So go Stormy go!

  • Indeed. With that said there are some cultural cases too. I know of several families who did well financially but left years ago because Canada was getting too woke for them. Some went back to Eastern Europe where racism is alright, and others went to Florida. Still these kind of cases are probably the minority. 😄

    Personally I do have the grass-is-greener periods now and then but I’m sticking with Canada due to what I think is likely one of the safest places to be in 2050. I’m trying not to think about how drought, heat and extreme weather will affect many other parts of the world. I think we still have a chance to keep this place decent socioeconomically and politically.

  • Good? I don’t know I can’t tell anymore. On one hand we understand that growth has been bad for climate change and it doesn’t look we’re on the path to allow green growth. On the other we scream when the growth stalls. Perhaps different people scream at each occasion? If not, might be suffering from a collective disorder of some sort. 😅