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  • we should take use and

    “take use” is a weird construct.

    harness the resources that we have.

    Here’s the thing: Every ounce burned creates emissions, which harms the atmosphere, which is already at a tipping point, and this on a 20-year lag. Burning the already extracted oil that’s being stored now will be enough to absolutely destroy to planet to where we can’t live on it, and we’re currently in the future we made 20 years ago, and the future we’d have if we only drastically reduced consumption just after Y2K but didn’t stop using it completely. We did neither, and so we have all this stashed oil we’re eager to use.

    So we don’t even have to extract another ounce if we want to wreck the planet to where we’re extinct: We just need to use our reserves. Extracting that oil is no longer important, then. We can shut the rigs and walk away, and it’s already too late unless we make some serious investment in reversing what we’ve already done. We haven’t made appreciable progress yet, so killer heat-waves and ‘small’ killer storms that only cause a few hundred-billion-dollars worth of damage and a few thousand deaths each year is a nightmare scenario we’re only going to experience for a short time before it gets worse and keeps getting worth for 20 years – or more, if we keep going.

  • Also the road infrastructure will continue to exist even if it’s just for heavy transport (which is much worse on roads anyway).

    If you’re not aware of how much it costs to maintain roads, that’s because it’s largely subsidized FOR trucking, and incompletely at that.

    Witness the state of roads and especially bridges, and explain how they should be maintained considering who’s on them. Now remove trucking because we got smart and used rail for inter-city. You’re either going to be using a ez-pass a lot more or the roads will be straight outta Mad Max.

    And finally, it’s a 6 hour flight or a 4-day driving trip. One’s shorter and far safer, and the other one destroys friendships because Dave will not stop snoring and I swear I’m going to stop this car right now.

  • funded by properly taxing wealth

    Whoa, careful there. Our opposition - and some proclaim our next administration, due to people disappointed with imperfection taking a hard exit into pure cruel failboatism - would have a lot to say about the taxing of the wealthy and the helping of the ‘others’ who aren’t rich. Something about boot-straps and laziness or some such, is the usual pablum they serve.

    If we want to continue helping people who need it the most, we do need to seriously point out the (sometimes-hidden) cruelty of every conservative platform ever, and how that kind of magical thinking is repeatedly harming actual progress toward people getting onto the good side of the tax-and-spend fence.