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  • With Canada’s policy of keeping the borders wide open and allowing itself to be invaded, what do they need a military for?

    The usual scaremongering, Russia is a threat. What they really mean is that they can’t be economically successful when we aren’t. The WEST says it’s a Free Market booster and welcomes commercial competition, but in reality we don’t, it’s all lip service. That’s why successful emerging powers like China, being an economic threat, must be made into a villain and therefore a military threat.

  • I sometimes wonder why we don’t just establish a foreign legion like France, or at least permit foreigners to join as enlisted (not officer ranks) like other countries as a pathway to Canadian citizenship. The risk in active service is a far greater display of commitment to Canada than the average study permit holder, and expanding our recruitment pool to Francophone nations in Africa, and states in the Caribbean would at least help greatly in finding non-specialized enlisted.

    I’ve thought the same — at least from the commonwealth. The US Marines do this, as do the UK Royal Marines. However, any Liberal government in Canada has a track record of underfunding and basic neglect of our military. It started with the Liberals in the late 60s when all service members wore the same uniform. We need to get rid of officers too — we’re far too heavy with top brass (generals).

  • is a bizarre twisting of things. The author is either ignorant of Canadian hate laws, while still choosing to report on them, or engaging in purposeful FUD for some reason.

    Well, if hate is defined in Canadian Law, let’s stop making more laws about supposed harms. People need to be responsible for themselves and not have a nanny government telling us what is right. This is getting so ridiculous! Society takes generations to adapt to new customs.

    This law is about the government regulating thought and speech. Not my government!