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  • I am a homeowner and while I intially agreed with you out of instinct, if you figure that monthly rent should be thr equivalent to property taxes, maintenance and whatever utilities are included in the rent the big push I’m favour of home ownership is the fact that you don’t pay capital gains on a primary residence. In the above example, an investment gaining $1.4M in value would have (Ontario) taxes of around $350k… So it really depends on whether the house being considered is a primary residence or not.

  • Shitty website, completely ignores the effect of population and land mass.

    If all countries were to follow Canada’s approach, warming could reach over 3°C and up to 4°C.

    If all countries were following Canada’s approach of having roughly 40M people spread across roughly 9.98M km² and emitted the same per capita that we do, we’d reduce global emissions by 77% (same population density of Canada emitting same per capita tons as Canadians).

    It’s pretty convenient that people like to ignore this though.

    And instead, here is Canada importing people largely from lower emitting per-capits emitting countries so those people can emit more here.

  • IMHO the issue is that the the CPC is a “big tent” that was historically dominated by SoCons (which Harper kept in line pretty well), however over the past approx. 5-8 years the Libertarian contingent has grown quite a bit from grassroots.

    Now even many of these “Libertarians” generally abide by SoCon principles but they don’t feel any need to push them on the general population; these people simply want to be left alone. This is causing some friction in the party as some SoCons are appealing to the “No True Scotsman” fallacy when discussing internal party/supporter politics.

  • The Atlantic provinces and Quebec are probably the biggest reason we won’t see PR actually take affect. They currently have massive over representation constitutionally guaranteed and I highly doubt they are gonna give that up without a massive fight.

    The closest we will ever get is a different way to count votes within the current riding system, which is still not PR at the end of the day.

    (And aside from the fact that PR doesn’t solve the issue of more populace regions fucking over less populace ones without regard)