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  • This is a confusion between total dollars paid vs % of dollars paid. Sure, the top 20% pay the lion share of the total dollars in taxes, because they have the vast majority of dollars. If I as a normal Joe worker am paying 30% of my income in taxes I dont think it unfair to expect the wealthy to also pay at least that % regardless of what the total dollar amount is. There is a lower threshold to that though as there is a minimum amount that a person needs to survive. People close to that should pay a lower % as every dollar is worth more to them since they have so little (if any) left over after expenses. Giving them an extra $1000/year could be life changing. To the wealthy who pay $10M/year in taxes and still have $10M left over, changing the tax rate so they pay $11M/year and “only” have $9M left will change their lifestyle not one bit.