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  • Exactly. Nationalized industries care nothing about profit margins, only with serving the public good to the maximum of their abilities.

    It’s why nationalized institutions - such as Canada Post and the CBC - could actually break even if they were just free of conservative defunding and leg-breaking. But they continue to exist because they serve a public need that would otherwise be far too expensive for the average Canadian.

  • NDP

    They have always been in the corner of the average Canadian, which is why they are so poorly funded - millionaires and billionaires don’t control them, and so won’t donate to them.

    The Liberals, in contrast, are strongly influenced by them, which is why they are small-c conservative and only moderately to the right. The CPC and their racist little brother the PPC are all about suckling at the teat of millionaires and billionaires, which is why all their policies pay only vapour-thin lip service to the average Canadian, and so much of their rhetoric is spin and alternative facts to distract their non-wealthy electorate away from the fact that they are voting very much against their own best interests.

  • That might come to a head within the next decade.

    I have already heard rumours of a list (American, I believe, but maybe International) being compiled through debates on who could be taken out to produce the greatest narrowing of the wealth gap. As in, maximum impact with minimum effort.

    Because when you hoard so much wealth that you impoverish millions, the question needs to be asked if you still meet the minimum requirements of being human, or if you are truly a parasite fit only to be eliminated. I strongly suspect that the inherent sociopathy of billionaires such as our own Galen Weston, and their abysmal disregard of basic humanity in the pursuit of unbridled greed, makes many to most of them fail to meet this very important threshold.

    I may not be among those in the crowd when the torches and pitchforks come out, but imma gonna be holding the door open for them and looking the other way.

  • Boomers lived through the greatest economic period in modern history, where a simple salesman - such as a shoe or VCR salesman - could make enough to own a home, two cars, have a SAH spouse and several children, all while taking decent vacations every year and having plenty of money left over to save for retirement.

    Millennials have none of this. In my corner of this rock (Kelowna, BC) median home values have gone from 2.8× average annual income (1978) to 19.4× average annual income. Compare average home values to average annual income, and the 2024 spread increases to 22×.

    There is absolutely no way a millennial can achieve the same life benchmarks at the same ages that boomers did without being a card-carrying member of the 1%, and supported by massive amounts of intergenerational wealth to enable these benchmarks.

    No wonder so many have given up on home ownership of any kind, as well as (for many of them) even having children.

    Prioritizing boomers over the current generations will be the worst possible decision for our future.

  • they just have a really hard time absorbing information in traditional ways taught at schools

    Poke virtually any subject that tends to make the rounds in Western society, and I will be able to provide at least a layman’s understanding of it, if not deeper.

    But aside from a really small amount of math, physics, chemistry and history, almost none of that came from formal education. I’m like a Hoover when it comes to random factoids… but only on my own terms. Try to intentionally cram data into me, and it’ll impotently leak out all over the floor.

  • Israel is waging a genocidal war.

    So is Hamas.

    It’s just that before October 7th, Israel was only waging an apartheid war against a genocidal Hamas. Since then, Israel has done nothing more than step up to the same plate that Hamas was standing on all along, and since pretty much it’s inception.

    It’s an ESH situation, with civilians caught in the middle.

    Unfortunately, I have not seen any objections by Palestinians against Hamas, or by Israeli citizens against their government, which makes both civilian groups passively complicit in the two-way genocide in much the same way that German citizens in the 1930s were also complicit with Nazi atrocities.

    They’re both responsible.

    They’re both at fault for voting in such monstrous “leadership” willing to commit the most barbarous acts in order to destroy the opposing side at all costs.

  • Wages are not a zero-sum issue. Raise the wages of GPs, and that gap narrows. With a narrower gap, fewer students will try to hop it, as the benefits are less. Or in other words, it becomes easier and more profitable to be a GP.

    There is no reason why specialist wages need to be eviscerated. You can have high wages for both specialists and GPs. And in the end, we need plenty of people going into both.

  • It’s strength is that it is a technological marvel.

    It’s weakness is that it is a technological marvel.

    Canada does not have a massive military budget. It cannot support such a stupendously expensive piece of kit. And since Canada is not generally in the position of being an imperialistic aggressor (at least, nowhere near as much or as frequently as the U.S.), we simply don’t have such a burning need for a first strike aircraft.

    Plus, as the second largest country by geography on the planet, Canada needs a lot of aircraft to effectively patrol and protect her airspace.

    Canada would be better served by utilizing 4th gen fighters that are not only proven platforms with high degrees of reliability, but for which ten aircraft can be fielded for a single F-35.

    Because as Germany discovered in WWII, quality does not win wars… quantity does. You put 10 Shermans against a single Panzer, and sure, that Panzer will easily take out 8 of them. But by the time it does, one or both of the remaining Shermans will have landed a killing shot against the Panzer. And if you can field 10 or more Shermans for the cost of a single Panzer, it would be financial and strategic stupidity to choose the Panzer over the Sherman.

  • Shame there aren’t billions in real estate profits that could be used to attract workers with higher wages.

    There isn’t a labour shortage, there are more people working than ever, there is a demand shortage - the same demand that is saying the supply is the problem.

    LOUDER, for the Parasite-Class owners in the back who refuse to pay more because it would cut into their obscene profit margins. Maybe they should put off that yacht or pristine-condition pavement princess or $10m mansion up on the hill?

  • Stipends for master’s students will rise from Can$17,500 (US$12,700) to $27,000 per year, PhDs stipends that ranged from $20,000 to $35,000 will be set to a uniform annual $40,000 and most postdoctoral-fellowship salaries will increase from $45,000 to $70,000 per annum.

    In today’s economy, rental market, and housing market? This sounds downright pathetic. I mean, it might help reduce the brain drain, but it isn’t going to magically reverse decades of neglect. Values like these need to be doubled again in order to reverse such systematic neglect.