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  • Only individuals should be able to buy and own residential property. Not corporations, not numbered companies, just people. They can rent them out, etc but don’t get the same protections of corporations. It becomes personal at that point. Banks generally will finance about 20 properties this way before they decide the liability becomes too much. This protects small landlords still, but gets all the big money out.

    Then the rental market will price itself fairly based off of that and keep the rental market in check, but when the corporations own both sides of the coin they set the price.

  • It’s like the story of a Vancouver woman who lived in an apartment in English Bay. She was a server when she moved there 10 years ago, and had no issue affording it. Over the years she got settled, went to school while working and became a lawyer.

    She eventually had to move out of the same apartment as it was no longer affordable, despite becoming a lawyer and earning significantly more money.

    If she can’t keep pace with inflation going from a server to a lawyer, not sure what hope the rest of us would have.